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LED Shaft Lighting

Simple modular System - only 2 lengths of LED strip, 3m & 10m - enable any project to be built using the minimum of components - another benefit is that only a small section of the LED strip needs to be replaced if damaged, not the whole shaft length.  LED strips are powered directly by 240V, no driver needed.  The LED strips connect together to create shaft lighting systems suitable for any length of shaft up to 50 metres.
  • Quick to install
  • Emergency backup available
  • Compliant with the requirements of EN81-20 and EN81-50
  • Simple modular System
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Lift HAWK Sensor

The Lift HAWK is a sensor fitted on the top of the lift car (TOC) which can remotely check the lift status through connection with a Digital Communication Platform (DCP) or Memcom+. Information such as the time of the last lift movement, current door status and time of the last door move can all be remotely tested using this device. The HAWK also self-learns the typical activity of a lift and can autonomously perform lift tests in periods of prolonged inactivity.
  • Remotely test the lift status without having to connect to the lift controller
  • Self-learning sensor performs autonomous tests when usage patterns are not typical
  • Real-time monitoring through the Avire Hub
  • Saves time and cost of visiting site for false call outs
  • CAN or serial connections
  • Compact mechanical footprint
  • Quick and easy to install
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Oil Collecting Pots

The round ETN®-oil collecting pot is designed for universal application on guide rail widths 5 - 16 mm. The square pot was developed for guide rail widths 5 - 28,6 mm.   Visit Website: ETN

Safe Space Mats

Light and heavy duty slip resistant safe space rigid mats.
  • Suitable for pit floor and top of car.
  • Slip resistant
  • Compliant with the requirements of EN81-20
  • 3 sizes to suit various areas
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Spirators (Door closer)

Required by code, hoistway door closers or spirators are an important component that assures passenger safety by automatically shutting elevator doors whenever the car leaves a landing.

Guide Rail Clips

Attachment clamps for fastening guide rails.


The flush fitting MA Keypads combine robust vandal resistance with an attractive design to meet the most demanding of today’s concepts and specifications, in a wide range of applications from public services to specialist use in heavy duty environments and adverse weather conditions.
  • Vandal resistant
  • Wide operable key surface
  • Wide range of legends
  • Sealed to IP66
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CJ50 & CJ60 Electronic Gongs

To complement our wide variety of Hall Lanterns, we have a range of electronic gongs. Audible notification of lift arrival at the floor is a code requirement.
  • Single or double tone
  • CJ50 & CJ60 stand-alone boxed version
  • Can be used to meet M2/S2 Building Regulations
  • Adjustable volume
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CJ70 Electronic Gong

The Dewhurst CJ70 Serial Electronic Gong is an audible indication for lift arrival at a floor, which also has output to control lantern arrows. This low profile serial unit offers the choice of a single or double tone and is designed to be connected to the Dewhurst 4 wire serial encoders (CH024/034 or CX-Basic).  The CJ70 is suitable for use with the Dewhurst Profile station, which could also include the 30mm and 50mm ULSP digital display unit.
  • Serial gong (used without displays)
  • Outputs to control lantern arrows
  • Single or double tone
  • Low profile
  • Can be used to meet M2/S2 Building Regulations
  • Adjustable volume
  • Works with CH024/CH034 Serial Encoder or CX-Basic Encoder Board
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Car Wall Protection Drapes and Floor Coverings

The high-quality drapes are easy to install and can protect the interior effectively. They come with a clear PVC window for the control panel as well as a ‘Caution Mirror/Glass Behind’ sign. KAPOK’88 drapes are shipped in an original storage bag. A number of permanent and temporary mounting options allow maximum flexibility. The drapes are available in beige, blue, grey or brown.
  • High quality
  • Water repellent and flame proof material
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Various fixings available
  • Beige, blue, grey or brown colour
  • Optional floor protection
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Emergency 12v Power Supply

This special power supply is the most powerful in its class, the result of 2 years of research and development combines the switching technology to our exclusive Aral, thus ensuring the required functionality at a very high quality and reliability of the finished product.
  • most powerful in its class
  • of very high quality and reliability
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GM Series

Giovenzana International B.V., widely recognized as a leader in elevator technology and the name that operators associate with security and quality, has created the new GM series of inspection boxes (complies with International Standard EN 81.20 and EN 81.50).  The ergonomic design ensures maximum operator safety.  Giovenzana designs and implements safety components for the world’s major chain lift manufacturers.
  • Mushroom stopping device in accordance with IEC / EN 60947-5-5
  • Mandatory Run button
  • Operators are protected against accidental impacts at all times
  • Cam switch (not selector) binding to the norm for inspection operation with solid drive and without margin of error in the switching
  • Contact blocks with spring clamp conform to EN 60068-2-6 and EN 60068-2-27 and vibration
  • resistant with IP20 degree of protection
  • AC-15 and DC-13 contact blocks in accordance with EN 60947-5-1:2005 (1M cycles)
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Guide Rail Lubricators

We offer a range of guide rail lubricators.
  • ETN 120
  • ETN 170
  • ETN 110
  • ETN 100
  • ETN-S
Special versions for guide rail are available.  See attached sales sheet for more details. Visit Website: ETN - Elastomer-Technology Nürnberg

Pit Ladders

Static stepladder with spacers for vertical attachment to wall. This design is intended to be used in elevator shafts with a reasonable amount of space.
  • quick and cost-efficient solution
  • the spacers can be positioned on the shaft wall in pairs relatively freely
  • short installation time
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Plug an Play Emergency Car Lighting

Inples lighting production consists of small ceiling LED lights (lediera) that use power LED’s and a special power supply (driver) that switches them on. The Inples system is pre-wired and does not require additional external components and only takes a few minutes to install. The replacement of the ledieras and battery approximately every 5 years with the complete system every 10 years. Optional vandal resistant surround available. Visit Website: InPles

Shaft Lighting

Shaft lighting system with different protection classes for new systems or retrofits. Tailored solutions that are quick and cost-effective to install: · Mark out the first light/wall mounting plate · Drill · Dowel into place · Insert cable · Move on to next light · …all done

Top of car barriers

The vertical supports can be fitted on the are roof wherever space is available. Excentrical positioning is possible due to the fact that the horizontal bars are lead through the supports. Hands and knee rail can be cut down to the required size on site.

Buzzer (EN-Buzz)

The EN-BUZZ has been designed to work with any button and controller where the button and illumination is wired using a 3 wire method. The common supply (24V d.c. ± 20%) to the button and illumination can be either polarity. One EN-BUZZ will be required for each set of car buttons and each landing station. There are two types of EN-BUZZ available, Standard (used with grille) and loud (used without grille). A 110V d.c. Standard version is also available, please refer to publication number PB169.
  • Creates a bleep tone each time a call button is pressed and acknowledged
  • Adjustable volume
  • 12 – 24Vdc & 110Vdc options available
  • Conforms to EN81-70
  • Standard and loud versions available
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