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Guide Rail Lubricators

We offer a range of guide rail lubricators.
  • ETN 120
  • ETN 170
  • ETN 110
  • ETN 100
  • ETN-S
Special versions for guide rail are available.  See attached sales sheet for more details. Visit Website: ETN - Elastomer-Technology Nürnberg

Pit Ladders

Static stepladder with spacers for vertical attachment to wall. This design is intended to be used in elevator shafts with a reasonable amount of space.
  • quick and cost-efficient solution
  • the spacers can be positioned on the shaft wall in pairs relatively freely
  • short installation time
Visit Website: Stingl

Plug an Play Emergency Car Lighting

Inples lighting production consists of small ceiling LED lights (lediera) that use power LED’s and a special power supply (driver) that switches them on. The Inples system is pre-wired and does not require additional external components and only takes a few minutes to install. The replacement of the ledieras and battery approximately every 5 years with the complete system every 10 years. Optional vandal resistant surround available. Visit Website: InPles

Shaft Lighting

Shaft lighting system with different protection classes for new systems or retrofits. Tailored solutions that are quick and cost-effective to install: · Mark out the first light/wall mounting plate · Drill · Dowel into place · Insert cable · Move on to next light · …all done

Top of car barriers

The vertical supports can be fitted on the are roof wherever space is available. Excentrical positioning is possible due to the fact that the horizontal bars are lead through the supports. Hands and knee rail can be cut down to the required size on site.

Buzzer (EN-Buzz)

The EN-BUZZ has been designed to work with any button and controller where the button and illumination is wired using a 3 wire method. The common supply (24V d.c. ± 20%) to the button and illumination can be either polarity. One EN-BUZZ will be required for each set of car buttons and each landing station. There are two types of EN-BUZZ available, Standard (used with grille) and loud (used without grille). A 110V d.c. Standard version is also available, please refer to publication number PB169.
  • Creates a bleep tone each time a call button is pressed and acknowledged
  • Adjustable volume
  • 12 – 24Vdc & 110Vdc options available
  • Conforms to EN81-70
  • Standard and loud versions available
Visit Website: Dewhurst